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A TIME Magazine article introduced James Brady, a lead iron worker on One World Trade Center, who B.A.S.E. jumped off the communication ring of the tower on September 30, 2013. "In February, Brady, along with Marko Markovich, 27, Andrew Rossig, 33, and Kyle Hartwell, 29, (who acted as a look-out on the street, according to police), contacted lawyers after learning that they were being investigated. Andrew Mancilla, Brady’s lawyer, says the men were preparing to turn themselves in when news broke that a teenager made his way past security to reach the roof’s spire. Mancilla says the New York Police Department called him to demand that the four men surrender last week. 'In our view, they wanted to have control over the media frenzy and how it was going to play out,' Mancilla says."

Brady and the other jumpers were charged with a felony burglary in addition to the misdemeanors of reckless endangerment and jumping from a structure.

The goal of the defense was to clear the felony charge since it was announced. That is exactly what a jury decided to do more than a year later.


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The Daily News and The New York Times covered the persuasive closing statements that were made to the jury against the felony charge in the World Trade Center.

"'Proof beyond a reasonable doubt that they were inside? It doesn't even come close — use your common sense,' Brady's attorney Andrew Mancilla told jurors. Brady, who was a union ironworker at the site for four years before the incident, was not even there without permission, Mancilla said. While he did 'misuse' his access it was not unlawful and 'he had pass, he had a privilege to be there.'"

"The defense largely appealed to the jury’s 'common sense.' Mr. Brady’s lawyer, Andrew Mancilla, used the phrase at least a half-dozen times as he contended that three men leaping from a communication ring crowning the roof can hardly be considered to be 'inside' a building."

Other major media outlets covered the entire World Trade Center B.A.S.E. jumping case and countless websites announced the successful verdict.


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Andrew Mancilla, called the verdict 'a huge relief'. But he added: 'It's just a shame so much of the taxpayers' money had to be wasted."

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